Health Benefits of Avocado

In addition to being an extremely versatile food to be used in salsas and sandwiches, the health benefits of avocado are quickly being discovered. In fact, given its rich source of vitamins and minerals, as well as containing more protein than any other fruit, avocado has been described as some as the perfect food. This article will describe some of the health benefits of avocado and demonstrate why it is a worthy food for being incorporated into our diets to improve our overall health and well-being due to it being a great source of fiber, vitamin K, folate and vitamin C, while at the same time being low in calories.

Out of the many health benefits of avocado the most impressive property might be the support it offers for positive cardiovascular health. Like other foods that have a high fat density, one might not view the health benefits of avocado to possibly be able to provide for encouraging heart health. However, avocado has been connected to many positive cardiovascular health related results through research, such as lower levels of risk increasing inflammation, blood fats and oxidation. Additionally, the oleic and omega-3 fatty acids that are present in avocado, as well as vitamin B-6 and folic acid, provides additional cardiovascular health support. Therefore, it is clear that the health benefits of avocado are particularly beneficial for supporting a healthy heart and reduce the risk of detrimental heart disease.

The health benefits of avocado have also been demonstrated to include important anti-cancer benefits. The presence of important anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants are what provide avocados with these excellent anti-cancer properties. The best part about avocado in relation to the fight against cancers is that although avocado reduces the presence of inflammation and oxidation in healthy cells to prevent the formation of cancer, it almost magically performs the opposite function on unhealthy cancerous cells! In cancerous cells, avocado actually increases the oxidative stress in these cells to contribute to their early demise and decreasing the overall number of cancer cells. These amazing health benefits of avocado make it a tremendous food to add to our diets in order to protect ourselves from cancer development.

There are also important health benefits of avocado in relation to diabetes and brain function and development. Due to the high concentrations of monounsaturated fats in avocado, the highest concentrations of any fruit, these compounds are absolutely necessary for healthy brain development. High in dietary fiber, avocado is an essential source of blood sugar regulating nutrients. The health benefits of avocado in relation to diabetes also stems from the fact that it is extremely low on the glycemic index and it is very low in sugar.

In order to take advantage of these health benefits of avocado, you should make sure to choose firm, but tender, avocados. Specifically, you would like to purchase avocados with no soft spots, blemishes, dents or broken skin. With these very impressive health benefits of avocado, it should certainly be looked at as a fruit to add to your diet to ensure your overall health and well-being.

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