Health Benefits of Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea have not gone unnoticed by nutritionists and health conscious individuals. For years, green tea has been hailed for its many health benefits, especially for its abundance of anti-oxidants per serving. This popularity of green tea dates back hundreds, if not thousands, of years in certain cultures around the world. Green tea also serves as a nice alternative to plain water for dieters who don’t have many options when it goes to consuming liquids.

The health benefits of green tea go well beyond acting as an alternative to water and satisfying thirst for dieters. Studies have shown that consuming green tea may be able to fend off different forms of cancer and is considered to be anti-cancer because of its health and nutritional properties. These health benefits of green tea are associated with its anti-oxidant properties. Green tea is loaded with natural antioxidants such as catechins and polyphenols (which, among other benefits, can help reduce inflammation and inflammatory symptoms found throughout the body and even help reduce arthritis symptoms). Other studies have shown the potential of lowering the risk of cancers such as prostate and esophageal cancer if consumed often and at moderate to high amounts.

Another one of the great benefits of green tea is its ability to help increase overall heart health. Green tea has been found to lower cholesterol found within the blood. Studies have associated green tea consumption with the prevention of heart disease. It should be noted that in order to obtain these heart health benefits of green tea, this tea needs to be consumed daily and at quite high amounts (over one cup of green tea a day seems to be the lower end of the requirement, often it is much higher).

The health benefits of green tea are also of importance for those individuals trying to lose weight. Green tea consumption has shown positive results in the reduction of weight gain. This is due to the tea’s fat oxidation properties. As well, green tea consumption can help increase an individual's metabolism, which in effect can help green tea drinkers burn fat as more calories are burned throughout the day. These weight related health benefits of green tea give the drink another leg up over most other health drinks.

As well, green tea can aid in the prevention of diabetes as the tea has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels within the body. Promising studies have even indicated that green tea consumption can help prevent individuals from developing type 1 diabetes and can help treat this disease once already acquired. Another one of the health benefits of green tea is that it can help improve overall immune system health.

Green tea can be enjoyed throughout the day and can serve as an alternative to morning coffee. However, do note that green tea does contain some caffeine, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, you will want to make sure you are not drinking this tea close to bedtime. Green tea can be enjoyed on its own. A personal favorite is a cup of green tea with a piece of ginger root thrown in to create a nutrition powerhouse. As well, lemon juice can be added to green tea for a great detoxifying drink. To obtain these health benefits of green tea, be sure to consume this drink often.


  1. nice blog keep it up, and nice information about Benefits of Green Tea

  2. I have always found green tea to be good for weight loss. Just like caffeine, it is a thermogenic fat burner