Health Benefits of Cinnamon

The health benefits of cinnamon are surfacing and becoming known to individuals looking to improve their health and overall well-being. For centuries, cinnamon has been a known and sought after spice due to its enchanting aroma and flavor. Capable of being added to numerous types of foods, cinnamon has been incorporated into a number of dishes to provide for the desired taste and scent. However, the health benefits of cinnamon include increased cardiovascular health, anti-microbial protection, diabetes protection and cognitive function support. These health benefits make cinnamon an excellent choice to incorporate into your diet.

Research has demonstrated that the health benefits of cinnamon include the ability to boost cognitive functions. It has been shown that cinnamon can improve your attention ability, memory recognition and increase the speed of motor skills. Amazingly, these enhanced cognitive processing results are achievable simply by smelling cinnamon and no actual intake is necessary. However, due to the other health benefits of cinnamon, adding cinnamon to your consumption, in addition to smelling its aroma, would allow for the other benefits to be achieved as well.

The health benefits of cinnamon also allow for the protection against heart disease and an increase in overall cardiovascular health. The calcium and fiber present in cinnamon can assist those with high cholesterol in preventing heart disease and atherosclerosis by lowering these risky cholesterol levels. The presence of cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon has been researched extensively to show that this compound helps to ensure that blood platelets do not clump together and increase the risk of heart disease. These anti-clotting properties help to ensure sufficient cardiovascular health by allowing for adequate blood flow. Cinnamon is also a protector of the heart by helping to reduce the risk of inflammation through its ability to lessen cell membranes from releasing arachidonic acid. These are extremely valuable health benefits of cinnamon.

Those individuals who are attracted to anti-microbial foods should also be interested in the health benefits of cinnamon. The essential oils contained in cinnamon make it an anti-microbial food by inhibiting the risk of bacteria and fungi growth in the body. These anti-microbial properties of cinnamon also assists in defending against the spoilage of food, making cinnamon an excellent candidate to act as a natural food preservative. In particular, cinnamon has been effective in preventing the growth of Bacillus cereus, which is a dangerous pathogenic that can be found in food.

Finally, the health benefits of cinnamon are known to include protection against type 2 diabetes by assisting in the normalization of blood sugar levels. Those who are not fans of cinnamon do not have to worry about consuming large quantities of cinnamon to achieve these positive diabetes effects, since as little as one gram is all that is necessary to successfully lower blood sugar.

Cinnamon is also an excellent source of numerous vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, manganese and fiber. These health benefits of cinnamon demonstrate that it is a worthwhile spice to help improve your overall health and well-being.

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