Saturday, May 18, 2013

Foods4Health Going Vegan!

Our first vegan meal!

We have been excited to make this post for the last couple of days and share this news with all of our readers and followers. For the next 30 days, we at Foods4Health will be going 100% vegan, and will be taking you all on the journey with us. This is something we have been planning over the last couple of days, purchasing all the foods we need, coming up with eating and workout plans, and double checking all of our ingredients to make sure we can complete this experience 100% vegan.

Over the next month, we will be blogging our experience, recipes that we will be making and how we are feeling on a vegan diet. As well, we will be posting our workouts and how a vegan diet is affecting both our workouts and our bodies. We may also post video updates to help fully communicate this experience and give you all a raw look at how we respond to this change in our diets.

Why should you follow along this this journey with us? For one, this is our first experience ever eating a diet that comes close to this. You will be able to get a first hand experience of how this type of eating affects individuals who are starting this diet for the first time. As well, we have normally been very heavy meat and diary eaters over the course of our lives. Those who want to go vegan but don’t think they can give up these foods will be able to learn from our experience of how this transition is, and if it is something that is attainable. Lastly, we live quite active and busy lives. Those who live the same will be able to see if a vegan diet can fit into a similar lifestyle.
Black, kidney and pinto beans will be a staple for us!

Please note, we are taking this extremely seriously. We greatly respect the lifestyle choices of vegans and know this is a way of life, beyond just a diet. Although we are doing this for 30 days right now, we are open to the idea of keeping up with this diet if it is the right fit for us.

Please join the three of us on our journey and see what a vegan diet can do for you. Lots of recipes, pictures, and updates to come! Also follow us on twitter, @Foods4Health1 for live updates.


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